Contact & Location

Only the hotel to Pattaya’s best positioned. Conveniently situated with easy access to Pattaya’s well-known attractions, gorgeous beaches and lively nightlife streets.

Key location features:

Beaches: A quick walk from the beautiful beaches of Pattaya, guests here are close to all manner beach activities – from sunbathing on summer days to swimming in the sea and other water sports.

Sightseeing: The hotel is within easy reach of major sights such as Walking Street (Patta) , Pattaya Floating Market and Sanctuary of Truth. This section offers visitors a brief encounter with the cultural and recreational side of life.

Eating Out And Shopping: Situated from nearby shopping centers and a wide variety of dining options, ranging from authentic Thai cuisine to international fare.

Getting There:

The hotel can be reached via both Suvarnabhumi Airport and U-Tapao Airport. Taxis and shuttle services are available for ultimate convenience. Fo Pattaya visitors particularly interested in spending some time on coastal transportation planning within this convenient period would provide everyone a lot more flexibility

Over the Hotel:

Taxis and buses for local travel are easy to come by here.

Staffed parking is available for guests at accompanying on-site parking facilities. Reservations By ATM

Contact Us/Booking Information:

Please note that reservations for Windy Inn Hotel can only be done online. Visit the following link if you seek a smooth reservation experience in order to both review availability and secure your stay with us.

Discover Pattaya’s best hotel in Windy Inn Hotel! Where comfort and convenience-live in a picturesque environment.